As DACA Ruling Approaches, 2022 Survey of DACA Recipients Emphasizes DACAs Importance, Highlights End Would Hurt the American Economy and Harm Local Communities

Washington, D.C. —  A new survey published today by the U.S. Immigration Policy Center at the University of California, San Diego; United We Dream; the National Immigration Law Center; and the Center for American Progress illustrates that Dreamers continue to contribute to communities across the United States and their work strengthens the local and national […]

The Clock is Ticking: We Need Real Solutions

Washington, D.C.  – Ahead of a packed week that will see over 200 immigrant youth and allies in Washington, D.C. taking action starting December 12, there’s been reports of a framework deal between members of Congress on immigration.  Greisa Martinez Rosas, Executive Director of United We Dream said:  “We’ve heard of many leaked memos, conversations […]

Bipartisan Group of Mayors Urge Congress to Enact Permanent Protections for Immigrant Youth

Washington, DC – Over 70 mayors and local governments from across the country have signed onto a letter calling for Congress to enact permanent protections for immigrant youth, including DACA recipients.  Mayors from major metropolitan cities with large immigrant populations such as Los Angeles and New York City, mayors from cities along the border such […]

ICYMI: Immigrant Youth and Allies Held a Week-Long Action to Build Momentum for Citizenship

Washington, D.C,— Last week, the Home Is Here Coalition, along with directly impacted individuals from around the country, participated in a week-long action urging Congress to pass citizenship legislation this year! This comes as a critical time as Republicans are slated to take control of the House of Representatives next year.  The week-long action started […]

Republican Led Court Denies DACA Protections for Over 400,000 Young People

Houston, Texas – Following today’s conference about the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, Texas’ Southern District Federal Judge, Andrew Hanen, and the state of Texas denied over 400,000 young people, including the 90,000 new applications currently sitting at USCIS, from receiving DACA for the first time. He also indicated that he believes the […]

Biden Chooses More of the Same, Leaves Hundreds of Thousands Without Protection

Washington, D.C. – Today, the Biden administration’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released a final rule for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program which will be published August 30 and go into effect October 31.  This final rule does not impact the status of current DACA recipients who may continue to renew. This […]

2021 Survey of DACA Recipients Underscores the Importance of a Pathway to Citizenship

Washington, D.C. — For years, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) has protected hundreds of thousands of undocumented young immigrants from deportation and allowed them to pursue their dreams in the United States. However, DACA is not a permanent solution: Undocumented immigrants need a path to citizenship to be fully secure in their homes and lives, and it […]

This March marks 21 years of ICE CBP & DHS terrorizing our immigrant communities.

Ever since their creation, ICE and CBP have targeted, detained, abused and deported immigrants while separating loved ones and tearing apart communities. Donate 21 dollars to help us fight back against the 21 years of terror.